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New Single "My Way" out now!

Leading from the success of the last single release, Robert Edwards (in collaboration with La Reserve) has released his latest work, My Way available to stream now on all major platforms.

My Way is the second of 3 major single releases that lead up to the release of his newest album Upswing. Upswing is scheduled to be released on June 9th, 2023.

My Way was created by Paul Anka after he heard the ballad For Me by Jacques Revaux while in France. Paul recorded the song in 1968 with Frank Sinatra. They released the song as a single and then as a part of his album subsequently called My Way in 1969. Robert Edwards has released his rendition of the song with his quartet with Joe Magnarelli featured on trumpet.

Each musician improvises elegantly with just simple one-chorus solos between Robert Edwards on trombone, Joe Magnarelli on trumpet, and Adam Birnbaum on piano. The carefully performed harmonies of the trumpet beautifully accompany the trombone on the melody while the drums lay down a pleasant bossa nova rhythm for each musician to weave together their musical skills. After the improvisational section, the band takes the head out before landing on a spicy #11 chord to end their journey.

My Way was recorded at the Big and Tall Recording Studio in Wood-Ridge, NJ, mixed by Chris Sulit, and mastered by Kevin Blackler.

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