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"Groundwork" out now!

After taking the time to perform on Play Date (2019), Home Life (2021), and It Had to Be You (2022), Robert Edwards has released his newest work, Groundwork; now available to stream on all available platforms.
Groundwork is the first song available to stream from his upcoming album Upswing, which is set to be released in June 2023 via the music label La Reserve.
Groundwork is an original composition by pianist Cedar Walton and was first recorded by his group "Eastern Rebellion" in 1983, and subsequently released in 1984. Rob Edwards has now delivered his rendition of the tune with Joe Magnarelli on trumpet, Adam Birnbaum on piano, Mike Karn on bass, and Aaron Kimmel on drums.
Robert Edwards masterfully provides the feeling of tension and resolution throughout his rendition with his flurry of fiery eighth note lines and admirable inclusion of rests. His improvisation tells his story as clear as day with the virtuosic impressions he commands throughout his solo. Robert soon after hands the baton to each musician for their part in the blazing tune before finally ending the song on the final chord with bliss.

Groundwork was recorded at the Big and Tall Recording Studio in Wood-Ridge, NJ, mixed by Chris Sulit, and mastered by Kevin Blackler.
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