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3rd Single Release "Stand Up" out now!

From the brilliance that brought you Groundwork and My Way come the third and final single from the up and coming album Upswing. Stand Up is out now from Robert Edwards (in collaboration with La Reserve) on all major streaming platforms.

Stand Up is the third of 3 major single releases that lead up to the release of his newest album Upswing. Upswing is scheduled to be released on June 9th, 2023.

Stand Up is an original composition by Robert Edwards and performed by his quintet. The tune features the main aspect of the blues while adding a 16-bar interlude for originality. It was recorded with Robert Edwards on trombone, Joe Magnarelli on trumpet, Adam Birnbaum on piano, Mike Karn on bass, and Aaron Kimmel on drums.

Before taking his one-chorus solo, Robert blows over the A section twice in a fantastic array of blues-y and grooving language. Robert continues his array by landing high to start his one chorus. After blowing over his chorus, Joe trades on trumpet with Aaron on drums, continuing the soulful blues blend before having Joe finish the chorus to lead Adam into his solo. Adam begins with the intervallic sounds of rising and falling on the piano twice over the A section before beginning his one chorus. Adam masterfully plays the blues over his solo before ending softly and leading into the head out. Robert then leads his group with a spicy chord to end.

Stand Up was recorded at the Big and Tall Recording Studio in Wood-Ridge, NJ, mixed by Chris Sulit, and mastered by Kevin Blackler.

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